ID Co - New Zealand (Mega Crew Bronze Medal Winner) at the 2014 HHI World Finals

Just because I fan girl over the talent of one oh well two filos in here that I met at Sinulog hahaha

This is cute lol

Oh hey Nick! How you doooiiin?

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Gangnam Style - PSY on DC3 Hard

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the song but the choreo is good. 

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Lydia Paek - One Of A Kind (GD) MVP Class in LA (121128)!

CAN’T STOP WATCHING~ i love itttttt i wanna learn TT_TT


GD ft. Taeyang & Lydia Paek - One Of A Kind @ 120916 SBS Inkigayo [COMEBACK STAGE]!


2NE1 - I Love You @ 120715 SBS Inkigayo!


2NE1 - ‘I Love You’ Dance Practice!

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